D’Arcys Restaurant


About a week ago, my school offered a free day trip to Brighton.  Enticed by the concept of free (it really is a powerful motivator), I hastily signed up to go.  I sought to see the sea, and I definitely wanted to go and try the food.  Despite the fact that it ended up not being very bright in Brighton, I was charmed by this city by the sea.

My friends and I explored the shopping area of Brighton, known as The Lanes.  The name is quite fitting.  The narrow streets provide a quaint atmosphere, and the absence of cars was a welcome sight.  The boutiques here are great for window shopping, and it was fun to explore the maze of streets, never knowing which shops the next turn would unveil.  There are also a number of street performers around; the fortune tellers were popular.

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After a solid time of exploration, we decided it was time for lunch.  Admittedly, most of us had not tried England’s notorious fish and chips (heinous, I know), and we figured that a seaside city would be the perfect place to sample quality seafood.  We wandered around The Lanes until exhaustion and hunger lead us to settle on D’Arcys Restaurant.  Sitting outside, we enjoyed our rest time while listening to a street performer sing songs by Frank Sinatra.

Three of us ordered the cod and chips, another ordered the lentil soup, and someone else opted for the fish pie.  The portions were filling.  The coating on the cod was crisp, and the chips were thick cut.  I would have preferred the chips to be a bit crispier, but at least they weren’t soggy from excess oil.  The cod and chips cost £9.95

The girl who ordered the lentil soup did not care for it much.  She found it too bland for her liking and ended up leaving the bowl almost full.  It was a bad £5 investment.

The fish pie eater, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed his meal.  The béchamel sauce, cod, and peas complemented the thick layer of mashed potatoes on top.  Creamy?  Definitely.  The pie set him back £13.90.

The seafood dishes were solid, but the restaurant receives lower marks due to its poor service and my friend’s less-than-enthused review of the soup.  Our waitress was impatient and didn’t seem too keen to answer our questions about the menu.  Before we left the table, she also accused us of attempting to leave without paying the entire bill.  Who would incriminate their customers before they have even moved from their seats?

Overpriced and with mediocre food, D’Arcys Restaurant may have a good location in The Lanes, but it’s more of a tourist trap worth avoiding.

D’Arcys Restaurant
The Lanes
49 Market Place
Brighton, BN1 1HH
United Kingdom

Monday-Tuesday 12:00 – 15:00
Monday-Tuesday 17:00 – 24:00
Wednesday-Sunday 12:00 – 24:00


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