Bea’s of Bloomsbury

It’s finally finals week, and the stress of exams is palpable.  We’re slowly all coming to terms with the “study” in study abroad.

After a nerve-wracking finance exam, a friend and I were more than beat.  We sighed with relief the minute we walked out the classroom door, but the relaxation didn’t last long: we had another exam the next day.  While I groaned and began mentally preparing myself for yet another long night of studying, my friend thought of a study break.  She’s in charge of one of the London branch of one of the school’s clubs, and she figured that all the members were probably feeling the same agony as us.  The solution?  Cupcakes!

P1010343 copy

Bea’s of Bloomsbury is a small café run by an American who fell in love with London and decided to set up shop permanently.  Before you even walk into the store, a large window display made of baked goods greets you.  For Christmas, Bea’s made a cute winter display complete with animals made of cupcakes.

Inside, you’re greeted with the smell of warm coffee and the sight of gorgeously decorated baked goods.  Of course, their cupcakes stand out most.  It’s a tight fit in the store, though, and I found myself constantly moving away from the counter in order to let people through, which made ordering difficult.  We bought 24 cupcakes, a bag of gingerbread men, and a bag of Christmas pudding marshmallows.

P1010345 copy

The cupcake flavors included double chocolate, chocolate raspberry, chocolate Guinness, and sticky toffee pudding.  The cupcakes were dense and had a tender crumb, and I actually thought the cake went well with the buttercream frosting.  I always get annoyed when the cake portion is too soft, and the entire cupcake falls apart on me after the first bite.  All the cupcakes received positive reviews; however, some people felt that the chocolate Guinness could have had a more distinct flavor.  My personal favorite was the sticky toffee pudding; it tasted exactly like the dessert!  The gingerbread men sprinkles were a cute touch.  The employees were also nice enough to add extra festive sprinkles on all our cupcakes since we told them the treats were for a gathering.

P1010349 copy
The gingerbread men came in a cute bag, but I don’t particularly think they were anything special.  I was a bit disappointed that they had cracks in them as well. P1010341 copy

The marshmallows received mixed reviews.  Some people didn’t care for the flavor, while others liked the spiced, not-too-sweet taste.  While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the marshmallows, I loved how they had flecks of sparkles in them.  Apparently, Bea’s fruit-flavored marshmallows are much better.

 P1010352 copy

While everything from Bea’s was delicious, I doubt that I’d ever go there unless I really feel I deserve a reward.  The total bill came to around £36, and the cupcakes cost about £3 each, a bit pricy for my liking.  If you’re a cupcake fanatic, though, I’d strongly suggest visiting.

Bea’s of Bloomsbury
44 Theobalds Road
London WC1X 8NW, UK

Monday-Friday 08:00-19:00
Saturday 12:00-19:00
Sunday 12:00-19:00


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