Good Enough to Eat

In New York, brunch is not just another meal; it’s a lifestyle.  And I’ve found that New Yorkers take their brunch seriously.  Most people are willing to wait at least an hour in line for a good brunch place, and getting a table usually requires some planning and strategy.  Have a friend that’s an early riser who’s willing to get there before the rest of the group to wait in line?  Lucky you.  Have only two people in your party?  Even better, but be ready to get some jealous glares from the parties of four or more that have been waiting in line for half an hour longer than you have.

I’ve yet to even make a dent on all the places that serve brunch in Manhattan, but I’m pretty excited to start having brunch again.  Sorry Shanghai, but sometimes your brunches were just too darn expensive.  I actually first went to Good Enough to Eat for my birthday during my freshman year in college.  Since then, the restaurant moved to a new location.  I took a friend visiting from Philadelphia because Good Enough to Eat’s new and larger location on the Upper West Side is close to one of Central Park’s entrances.


Since there were only two of us, we only had to wait about 15 minutes for a table.  It was pretty funny, though.  Space is so precious that the waitress had to pull out the table to let me sit down, and then she pushed the table back to essentially corner me in.  My friend and I ordered two dishes to share.  The first was the Little Italy omelette ($9.50).  All omelette and egg offerings come with two buttermilk biscuits and strawberry butter.  The omelette was solid, and a good single-serving portion.  The biscuits were solid as well.  I’m more partial to soft biscuits (confession: I am in love with KFC biscuits), but these were still good – fluffy on the inside.  The strawberry butter was what made me fall in love with Good Enough to Eat in the first place.  Years later, it’s still addicting as heck.


We also ordered the Good Enough to Eat Waffles ($9.50), which are served with orange butter.  You get four large waffle halves that are wonderfully crisp on the outside yet fluffy on the inside.  Most places just give you two small waffles.  Good Enough to Eat doesn’t play around with your stomach; you get two large waffles because people who wait in line for more than half an hour for breakfast food deserve something more.  The orange butter was just as good as the strawberry butter.  I couldn’t decide which one was better and ended up spreading both on the waffles.


Good Enough to Eat is a great place to have breakfast or brunch with friends or family.  All the cow-themed and rustic décor are adorable, and the white walls certainly add a brightness that the old location lacked.  I’ll always be a sucker for Good Enough to Eat’s strawberry butter, so I’ll definitely be back to try more of their menu.

Also, I couldn’t resist.  We saw this sight in Central Park, and I started laughing my head off.


Good Enough to Eat
520 Columbus Ave
(At 85th Street)
New York, NY, 10024

Breakfast Hours
Monday – Friday: 8am until 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am until 4pm


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