Voyageur Nissart

On our last day in Nice, my friend and I wanted a fancier dinner to end our trip. We made a reservation online at Voyageur Nissart for 7:30 PM, and we were glad that we did.  By 8:00 PM, the place was filled, and the waiters certainly had their hands full.  Another great thing is that the waiters spoke perfect English, and there were also English menus.

Voyageur Nissart offered three pre fixe menus, and we both went with the Menu Voyageur (€16.50).  The restaurant changes their pre fixe menus daily based on the availability of ingredients, so it was nice to know that the head chef liked to use seasonal ingredients. My friend started off with the tomato and mozzarella salad.  It was nothing complicated, but the plating was beautiful.


For the appetizer, I ordered the avocado and marinated salmon.  I had been craving avocado long before we embarked on our travels, and I was happy to see that Voyageur Nissart was generous. I was afraid that the dish would be too acidic, but it ended up being quite light.


For the main course, my friend asked if one of the restaurant’s pasta dishes could be substituted in as a part of the pre fixe menu because she chooses not to eat meat.  The waiter was kind enough to comply, so my friend ordered the ricotta cheese ravioli. The ravioli were stuffed generously, but my friend did note that she would have liked more sauce.


For her side, she ordered the ratatouille – we were in France, after all. It was well seasoned and had a touch of acidity. We couldn’t tell if the acidity was from the tomatoes or something else added, though.


I ordered the pork loin with thyme sauce as my main. The medallions of pork were also covered in caramelized onions. The pork was very moist and the sauce was actually more soupy and less like gravy, which worked well. This dish was simple but well-executed.


I ordered the Swiss chard gratin as my side.  To my disappointment, the Swiss chard was overly creamy and very bland.  I couldn’t taste the greens or the cheese at all. The breadcrumbs were probably added for texture, but the dish badly needed something with more substance, such as pine nuts, to take away from the mushy texture of the Swiss chard.


To the end meal, my friend ordered the chocolate mousse for dessert.  She has a semi-hard rule where she will always order chocolate mousse if it’s offered on a restaurant’s menu, which means she’s eaten plenty of chocolate mousses all over the world.  The chocolate mousse at Voyageur Nissart passed her standards. It had chocolate pieces that intensified the chocolaty flavor even further.


For my dessert, I ordered the chocolate and pear tart.  I liked the flavors; chocolate and pear is a well-known pairing.  The crust, though, was a bit burnt on the bottom, so parts of the tart were a little bitter.


Dinner at Voyageur Nissart was quiet and relaxing. The price was on the more expensive side considering a student’s budget, but it was relatively affordable given the other options in Nice. Friendly, accommodating waiters and a preference to promote local ingredients and wine were also standouts about the restaurant. If you visit, though, make sure to call or go online to make a reservation ahead of time.

Voyageur Nissart
19 Rue Alsace Lorraine
06000 Nice, France

Lunch: Tuesday-Sunday   12PM-2:30PM
Dinner: Tuesday-Sunday    7PM-10:30PM
Closed on Mondays and Saturday during lunch


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