Parisi Bakery

The other day, an underclassman that I know stopped me as I was crossing a street by yelling, “Wait, what’s your favorite sandwich shop?!” The question surprised me. Despite my love of food, no one’s really asked me if I ever had a “favorite.” Yes, they’ll ask if a place is good or bad but never something as difficult and seemingly permanent as a favorite. But then I realized that I tend to use the word “favorite” generously, letting my short-term preferences dictate what I deem worthy at the top of the list. That particular day was no different. That underclassman and his friend wanted to do a sandwich tour of New York. Disregarding all the immediately nationally-recognized places, I recommended Parisi Bakery to him.


Parisi Bakery is definitely a neighborhood deli. You’ll see regulars coming in to get sandwiches or meat, and they like to chat with the owner about what they’ve been up to lately. The place itself is small, so if more than four people are in line, you might just be waiting out the door. But that’s where Parisi’s charm lies; you feel as if you’re a neighborhood regular. And the Bakery certainly has been around for a long time – over a hundred years. In fact, the bakery can brag that Frank Sinatra and Andy Rooney used to have Parisi bread delivered to them.

If you’re in Little Italy, Parisi Bakery is a great place to pick up a sandwich. Don’t let the prices fool you. For $8-$11, you get a sandwich stuffed with goodies. I tried the chicken cutlet sandwich ($10), which actually comes cold. As you can see, it was enough for two meals. Three chicken breasts, four thick slices of cheese, and two good layers of roasted red peppers. I embarrassingly couldn’t even get my mouth around this sandwich. And trust me; there was no graceful way to eat it. The bread itself is great as well with a good balance between the crusty, dry outside and a soft white interior.


Definitely take a trip to Parisi Bakery the next time you find yourself nearby Little Italy or the Spring Street subway station. The only drawback is that it closes early at 4PM and doesn’t open on Sundays, which makes it hard for those might be looking to end their day with a delicious sandwich. Also be ready to be rushed through it the bakery is experiencing a busy hour; as mentioned before, space is limited and there are no seats. But maybe those things only make their sandwiches even more of a treat.

Parisi Bakery
198 Mott St.
New York, NY 10012

Monday – Saturday     7:30AM – 4:00PM


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