Café Vian

I’ve previously written about the meal that was eaten after my friends and I successfully completed our spelunking experience. But what about the meal before? Well, we ended up just finding a restaurant nearby where we saw the sculpture of Shoes along the Danube. Café Vian ended up being an affordable meal that didn’t stuff us too much before our adventure. Plus, this sculpture was located right across the street.


We picked Café Vian because it offered a two-course lunch for 1020 HUF ($3.72) per person. Also, at some of the tables, you get to sit on couches. Every day has different lunch special offerings, with three choices each for the appetizer and main entrée. It’s extra if you want dessert and/or wine. The garlic cream soup was as straightforward as its description – nothing bad or good to comment.


The consommé with pasta came with noodles that were a little harder than the noodles you might find in chicken noodle soup. The flavor was not too concentrated but the consommé was clear. I would choose this over the garlic soup.


The chicken breast stuffed with tarragon and mushrooms featured a cream sauce, and the chicken was served with rice. The chicken could have been a bit moister, but the presentation was satisfactory, and there was a generous amount of mushrooms.


The penne with spinach and almonds was a bit overcooked, but the spinach sauce was very good. It was light and I appreciated the fact that there was no cream involved.


We also ordered three different types of lemonade: melon, mango, and elderberry. All three were overly sweet because they were made from artificial syrups. A bit disappointment since the restaurant had so many different flavors.


What’s great about Café Vian is that it offers a vegetarian option in its lunch course. Unfortunately, the vegetarian option is usually just salad, but they do try to jazz it up. Overall, a decent laid-back lunch place and a safe choice if you’re not looking for anything fancy or need to just eat and go. Can’t beat the price! Also be warned that you won’t expect to see large, American-sized portions here, but it’s enough to make you full. Just stay away from their lemonade.

Café Vian
Liszt Ferenc tér 9
1061 Budapest, Hungary


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