Two Red Suitcases is the record of my attempts to broaden my knowledge of cooking and dining.  As a child, I had no qualms proclaiming that I loved to cook, and my harsh critiques, border-lining picky, reflected that enthusiasm.  But as I grew older I wondered what it truly meant to “love” to cook.  After all, anyone who can read a recipe should be able to cook, right?  Maybe.  If anything, I’ve realized that food means something different to every person, but as a basic necessity in life it’ll always be a supporting character in every story that we weave, whether seemingly trivial or life-changing.  So this blog is my own personal due diligence, and, as I move closer and closer into a career unrelated to cooking, an outlet for my passion for food.

The author of Two Red Suitcases is an American student who has had the fortunate opportunity to study abroad in London and Shanghai.  She loves the color red, owns a small pencil case collection, and (despite being a California native) prefers cold weather to hot weather.  In addition, she is a strong believer in the fact that dim sum should never be eaten during dinnertime.  And yes, she really does own two red suitcases.



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