Le Vieux Bistrot

I love Paris. I think it’s absolutely beautiful, and the food is, of course, amazing. And despite the stereotype, Parisians are extremely nice as well. There’s just one thing: I don’t find the Louvre enjoyable. The museum building is fascinating. It used to be a palace, so its architecture has a wonderful grandeur. And the glass Pyramids designed by I.M. Pei in the main court are iconic. However, the artworks housed within the museum were generally just not memorable for me. What I remember more was the dinner we had that night at Le Vieux Bistrot.


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Pea Macaroni and Cheese


It’s not uncommon to accidentally receive someone else’s mail. Usually, we’ll just put the letters or package back into the mailbox to let the postman redeliver the mail or deliver it personally. Well, my apartment had an incident a while back where a Hollywood Reporter issue kept coming back to us. The intended subscriber didn’t even live in our building. But every time we sent the magazine back through our resource center to give to the postman, the magazine would show up in our mailbox again. After three weeks, we figured that the subscriber probably already received next month’s issue, and someone made the executive decision to just keep it.

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Avocado Mac and Cheese

avocado mac stamped

The temperature outside has been steadily dropping, but, while I don’t mind the cold weather, the rain is an entirely different story.  I know… rain helps the crops grow, and it replenishes water supplies, but wet weather has an uncomfortable feeling.  There’s always the awkward walk with your umbrella where you try not to bump into other people with umbrellas.  There’s also the fear of being splashed by passing cars, and the mastery of a walking pace fast enough to get you out of the rain yet slow enough to not make you slip.  In addition, wet clothes are never desirable.  On rainy days such as today, I feel the best plan of action is to stay in, appreciate my dry surroundings, and watch a movie.  Of course, I’ll get some school work done as well.  Maybe…
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