Camden Lock Market

My roommates and I were talking about Smorgasburg again recently, so I began to reminisce about another similar outdoor food market that I had really enjoyed in the past: Camden Lock Market. Camden Lock is located right by Regent’s Canal in London, and the market has both food and craft items. We were really only interested in the food, though.

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San Ginés and La Reina Sofia

Lunch on our second day of Madrid was extremely disappointing; so much, in fact, that my friend and I decided that we couldn’t just go on with our day after such an unsatisfying meal.  Thinking back to our previous travels, we knew just the thing to revive our taste buds: churros.

In Madrid, the most famous churro place is San Ginés.  This hundred-year-old institution is supposed to have the most traditional form of churros and chocolate.  Apparently, it’s also a popular stop for a lot of famous celebrities.  The walls of San Ginés are covered with pictures of celebrities who have eaten at the store.

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