Café Vian

I’ve previously written about the meal that was eaten after my friends and I successfully completed our spelunking experience. But what about the meal before? Well, we ended up just finding a restaurant nearby where we saw the sculpture of Shoes along the Danube. Café Vian ended up being an affordable meal that didn’t stuff us too much before our adventure. Plus, this sculpture was located right across the street.


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The Dzungel


Out of all the places that I have eaten in Europe so far, The Dzungel was by far one of the most memorable and hilarious. Most of all, I will always remember its miracle dumpling. More on that later; and trust me, it truly was a miracle. The Dzungel was recommended to my friends and me by one of the employees at the hostel in which we were staying. We took his suggestion because he said that the place would “be fun.”

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I’m afraid of lots of things in life: heights, small spaces, spiders… The list goes on and on. And it’s been a struggle to try to overcome those fears. Loads of people tell me the wonders of roller coasters or how rock-climbing is so much fun, but my heart beats faster at the mere thought of embarking on such activities. While in Budapest, my friends convinced me to try spelunking because Budapest is known to have gorgeous, deep underground caravans. I agreed under peer pressure, but I’m glad they made me do it. We struggled to fit through all those narrow spaces, were all sore and bruised, and had clay in our hair for days; however, we still love talking about how we managed to pull it off and come out laughing rather than crying. Bonnie was the restaurant that we visited after we had just successfully completed our spelunking adventure.

The restaurant’s décor is inspired by the infamous crooks Bonnie and Clyde, and the walls are covered in comics involving the robbers pulling a heist.


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